Elizabeth Quarles

Elizabeth’s Reading

Elizabeth’s reading of “A Very Precocious Thought You Will Never Hear”

Elizabeth’s Artist Statement

This is poem that I drafted over and over again and the final version captured that feeling of wanting something so much  you hate it. It originally started as a poem about having to clean my shower but I think it turned into something interesting. 

Some of Elizabeth’s Research

Elizabeth on “Lesbianism in Early Modern Pornography”

Elizabeth discusses her research

Elizabeth’s Independent Study Research

Elizabeth on “Erotic Whales”

Elizabeth describes her independent study research


  1. I absolutely adore all of your projects, but your project about Early Modern lesbianism is amazing. So thoughtful! As an English and WGS major, this really excites me and I’d love to learn more about your research. It was wonderful to work with you here at the College. I wish you luck in the future!! 🙂

  2. I learned SO much in our Independent Study, Elizabeth! But now, all I can think about is erotic whales. Wow! I’m super intrigued by your statement that “the erotic can create a sense of universal togetherness.” That seems like a powerful challenge to Bersani’s “antisocial thesis.”

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