Celeste Green

Celeste’s Project

Celeste on “The Price Is White”

Celeste on her research

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  1. Hi Celeste,

    Thanks so much for posting your project. I enjoyed hearing your voice and thinking with you about a writer whose experiences were both different from and analagous to yours. I agree with you that these identities are socially constructed and often require individuals to follow a set of contradictory rules, and in some ways that may become clearer when reading about a social identity that is not one’s own. I wonder if you talked any about your experience as a model, where the photographer is constructing a look to sell something. I bet that was on your mind. I also thought of all the times you contributed to our discussions in the Coming of Age in the South class, where young people were beginning to assume or reject an identity available to them within their families and communities. Thanks for all your insights then and now!

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