Christina Holt

This Critique and Revision serves as a design solution for the ethical concerns of privacy within Facebook Messenger. As our daily lives are now almost entirely online due to COVID-19, we must pay special attention to privacy concerns, which is what led me to the redesign of this app. As I returned to classes after the beginning of the pandemic, I was adjusting to our new virtual environments and becoming aware of just how much of our lives are exposed through social media. I decided to redesign Messenger with hopes of reimagining how we can still maintain privacy while online.

Christina’s Project

Christina on her research

Christina’s description of her research and writing

Jackson Hamilton

Jackson’s Introductory Statement

This is a short number of poems from two sections of a poetry album from 2016 to 2021, covering the Trump Era. All of them were political but some more subtly. In total, the full album has over 160 poems and this is only a short selection. Each selection does not fit neatly in to one another but they do fit and their fitting is for the audience to dissect. It was going to be recorded but a lack of recording equipment prevented this from happening. I kept their numbers in the album and the dates written.

Jackson’s Selection of Poetry

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Celeste Green

Celeste’s Project

Celeste on “The Price Is White”

Celeste on her research

Rachel Foertsch

Rachel’s Reading

Rachel Foertsch’s “Mask of Concern”

Rachel’s Artist Statement

This is an excerpt from my piece about a 19-year-old girl with a difficult home life, and her 30-year-old boss who uses her emotional state to take advantage of her. It was challenging because I put a lot of myself into it, and while the work is fiction, the emotions are real. I hope it elicits feelings from readers, no matter what those feelings are.

Tony Ferrese

Tony’s Reading

Tony Ferrese’s “The Leap Year Tragedy”

Tony’s Artist Statement

This is the most recent story I have written, and it is largely different from almost everything I have written prior. For this story, I wanted to focus on characters; I made character development my goal this semester, as my tendency in writing is a focus on plot or the intention of the story. I figured, what better way to force myself to focus on characters then by writing a story from multiple perspectives, all which eventually intersect serendipitously? The result is
“The Leap Year Tragedy.”

Claire Delano

About Claire’s Project

Claire on “Women in Tracks”

Claire Delano on “Women in Tracks and Traditional Ojibwe Culture”

Gina Cromwell

Gina’s Project

Gina talking about “Queer Time”

Gina Cromwell on “Queer Time in Richard II

Mathieu Caceres

Mathieu’s Reading

Mathieu Caceres, “The Biography in the Colophon”

Mathieu’s Artist Statement

I wrote this poem as a sort of companion piece to Wallace Stevens’ poem, “Dezembrum,” which also features a similar structure: five quatrains. I usually do not structure my poems this way but in reading Stevens, I wanted to try something different, or rather, an emulation of, in the words of Theodore Roethke, “our father.”